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Recruitment: British Law Centre Diploma in English Law 2022/2023

Adam Kaczyński - 7 Październik, 2022 - 08:27

The Diploma in English Law and Legal Skills (“DELLS”) is a unique course organised at the Faculty by the British Law Centre (BLC).  

The Diploma teaches selected aspects of English law (constitutional law, contract law, tort law, trusts law) whilst also helping you to develop a range of core legal skills including legal writing, contract negotiations; contract drafting, oral advocacy, mooting and other skills that are crucial to anyone planning a career in the law. 

The Diploma is delivered in a practical and interactive manner by an experienced and professional team of native English-speaking lawyers and academics. Whether you wish to practise as a lawyer or simply improve your written and spoken English whilst developing a range of other skills, the BLC helps to make your career goals a reality. 

Fuller details of the Diploma course can be seen here: