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The University of Wrocław, in partnership with the EDUPART project, launches a new distance learning program in English for Belarusian citizens

Karol Greinert - 9 luty, 2024 - 12:11

The University of Wrocław, in partnership with the EDUPART project, launches a new distance learning program in English for Belarusian citizens that includes five courses:

Public Management and Decision-Making Techniques (8 online classes, 5 ECTS):
This course examines public, social, and non-profit sectors through theoretical and practical lenses. It explores decision-making across psychology, management, and law, focusing on risk assessment. Through case studies, discussions, and workshops, students develop soft skills, teamwork, and critical thinking for real-world challenges.
International Civil Service (4 online classes, 2 ECTS):
The course provides an in-depth understanding of international civil servants' legal foundations and rights. The course covers post-classifications, working conditions, and labor relations in international organizations. It also explores the legal protection system for international civil service members, examining different types of organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union.
Ethics in Public Administration (5 online classes, 3 ECTS):
This course equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively navigate the intricate ethical landscape that pervades the field of public administration. The course covers civil service ethics, focusing on corruption prevention, depoliticization, and bureaucratization, examining key concepts and codification.
International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) (5 online classes, 3 ECTS):
This course explores the pivotal role of INGOs in international relations. It investigates their impact on diverse fields such as religion, culture, human rights, and development. The course further examines working areas, methods, and accountability of INGOs.
Accountability of International Organizations (4 online classes, 2 ECTS):
This course focuses on the measures that ensure international organizations are held responsible for their actions. It covers the limitations on their powers, their compliance with international law and the relevant legal framework. Additionally, the course examines the consequences of UN sanctions, international humanitarian law, and the responsibility of member states.
The program will begin on March 1, 2024. The duration of the program is two months. Successful candidates will be notified by February 26, 2024.
Participants who successfully complete the program will obtain a certificate of completion and an invitation to participate in a five-day educational offline session in Poland, from May 13 to 17, 2024.
To be eligible for the program, applicants must:

  • be Belarusian citizens;
  • have a background as former civil servants, political activists, young and middle-career professionals, or active citizens from grassroots communities;
  • be willing to participate in weekly online lectures and group sessions;
  • possess an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English proficiency; 

To apply, please fill in the form by February  23, 2024.
The tuition is free. The organizers cover all expenses during the offline session.
If you require any further information about the learning program, feel free to contact us by e-mail: