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[MADRID] Recruitment for the EDELNet LL.B. Summer School of Constitutional Law 2024

dr hab. Michał Bernaczyk prof. UWr - 16 February, 2024 - 14:36

Dear Students and Constitutional Law Enthusiasts!
If you are tired of winter and exam session, dreaming of travel to destinations or just desperately seeking for something that would liven up your Facebook and Instagram account then we have something just for you: we're recruiting for the EDELNet LL.B. Summer School of Constitutional Law 2024 that will take place in MADRID from 17th June to 21st June 2024.

The University of Wroclaw may appoint 8 (eight) - 10 (ten) students and the applicants are supposed to: -
- be students of 2nd, 3rd or higher year of legal studies at the University of Wrocław (eg jednolite studia magisterskie prawa, LLM, AiO, zaoczne studia prawa); [IMPORTANT: you may join us as 1st year student but unfortunately, you will not be eligible for financial support as an Erasmus student :( ]
- have a good command of English,
- demonstrate ability to discuss in English key issues of constitutional law; comparative approach will be highly appreciated.

The EDELNet Partnership is inviting applications to the annual EDELNet LL.B. Summer School which will take place in Berlin. As in previous years, 30-40 students from the Fern Universität Hagen (Germany), the Open Universiteit (Netherlands), UNED (Spain), Open University (UK) and the University of Wroclaw (Poland) will meet at a wonderful location in the EU and have the opportunity to work together in a series of activating seminars and simulations designed to offer a high quality learning experience and gain insight into constitutional and legislative processes, rule of law operations and other vital aspects of legal systems in liberal democracies. In addition, participants will get a valuable chance to have a meaningful exchange with students and instructors from other European jurisdictions in an institutionally supportive and intellectually challenging environment.

The program begins with an online preparatory phase in May 2024 during which participants are expected to take a few short online courses. Structured around the professional processing of hypothetical case simulations, the face-to-face part of the program will focus on the performance of legal professional tasks to help students become aware of the intricacies of the real operation of law in practice and learn how to argue using the language of the law in different legal contexts. In the course of the program you will receive well-structured and intensive training not only in legal matters, but also in soft skills such as academic debate, legal English, intercultural communication and team work.

Students are expected to make their own accommodation and travel arrangements, however we may provide financial support under Erasmus Blended Intensive Program. In this very case, overall scholarship amount is 380 €. If you wish to receive this scholarship, please contact me or our local coordinator. Host University is eager to provide accommodation in its dormitory (price per night is 45€, including single room, breakfast, lunch, dinner and swimming pool use!).

Recruitment will be carried out on-line (MsTeams) and stationery on Friday 23 February 2024 at 12 pm - 1pm CET (12:00-13:00) in room #412A at Uniwersytecka St. 22/26 (building "A", 4th floor, Chair of Constitutional Law). All queries on the Summer School of Constitutional Law and financial support will be addressed by prof. Michal Bernaczyk. Feel free to make inquiries by MsTeams or e-mail (