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Classes organisation IHRL

mgr Daniel Dyjak - 25 luty, 2018 - 20:29

Academic teacher: mgr Daniel Dyjak / doctoral candidate / Department of Constitutional Law All information about the dates and place of office hours, as well as the announcements
and teaching resources can be found on the website:  Pracownicy i doktoranci  Doktoranci  Daniel Dyjak

Please notify at least one day in advance about your planned presence during office hours, together with some information about the issues to be discussed. This will help
to plan the schedule of our meetings. Please feel invited to contact me via e-mail:

The goal of this course is to present essential information on human rights law, delving into both theory and practice. The subjects to be discussed include the categories of
rights and freedoms, as well as mechanisms for the promotion and protection of human rights at the international and regional levels.

Each student is entitled to 1 absence. Each further absence may be made up either by:
 oral correct answer to 2 questions on the subject discussed during student’s  absence within 14 days from the date of absence (office hours only),
 or in writing – short (1-2 pages) essay on the subject discussed during student’s  absence, sent via e-mail within 14 days from the date of absence.

Each failed absence reduces the final grade by 0.5 of the grade. The failed absence may be justified in extraordinary circumstances only.

The basis for determining the final grade is the result of
 presentation
 paper work 5 pages long
 workshops – presence is mandatory!

This grade shall be reduced by the failed absences (according to the point above). As a result, the student who obtained a positive paper work grade, however, due to the
number of the failed absences, obtains final grade below 3.0 and therefore cannot obtain course credit.

  • The students may gain additional points („+”) if they are well prepared for the classes or gain „-” for seriously bad attitude to the classes.
    The pluses increase the final grade and minuses reduce the final grade. 
  • Finally, active participation entitles each student to receive the final grade increased by 0.5 of the grade