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AIO - PCL - Test Results

mgr Krzysztof Rokita - 25 Listopad, 2014 - 12:53

AIO - Public competition law

Yesterday’s test results:

269016 – 4,5

269327 – 3,5

240263 – 3

263652 – 2

265119 – 2

227912 – 2

269068 – 2

227896 – 2

238168 – 2

269030 – 2

269360 – 2

240393 – 2

269075 – 2

238773 – 2


According to the arrangements we made, should a need to retake the test arise, the last class will be an opportunity to do this. It seems to me that this is the case.

We meet for the final time on 1 December and during that class I would like to briefly introduce the concept of state aid in EU competition law so as to conclude the substantive part of our classes. Afterwards, we will go through the test questions from yesterday and students who failed the test will have a second attempt. Students who passed the test but who nevertheless want to retake it with a view to obtain higher scores may also take the test again. Students who were absent from our last class (and those who are unable to participate with individual course of studies) may sit the test as well.

If you wish to examine your test papers and perhaps consult it with me, you are invited to do this individually during my office hours. You can also retake the test then (but rather orally).