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USOS Office Hours / International Law of Subsidies

dr Łukasz Stępkowski - 18 Styczeń, 2018 - 21:56

To: persons enrolled in International Law of Subsidies

I wish to inform all concerned that your passing grades were uploaded into the USOS.

Due to very poor results, I lowered the pass threshold to 15. If your grade is still not visible in the USOS, it means that the test was failed.

I hereby set the resit date at 26th of January 2018, 12:00, Friday, room no 222 A. The resit will be oral, per the syllabus.

This constitutes a final possibility of obtaining a passing grade for those that failed the test or declined to appear, unless they had been given a decision of the Dean allowing for an 'external' mode of study.

USOS hours shall take place tomorrow, i.e. Friday 19.01.2018, room 222 A, 11:00-12:00.

Łukasz Stępkowski