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International Protection of Human Rights - materials part 3

dr hab. Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska - 23 Marzec, 2020 - 22:38

Dear Students,

I hope you have just red previous materials.
This time I have prepared more sources to read, watch and repeat.

Before we go to the concrete rights, like right to life or right to privacy, you should practice a little bit international mechanisms for the protection of human rights.
In the power point you have some written informations, some slides witth my explanations (you can listen my voice) and links to the lectures from the UN Library and other sources.

Please, read, watch, listen all the materials. Make also the exercises (I mean find the answers for the questions from power point).

Next week, as I've promised earlier, we will start to study right to life together with the prohibition of torture. Then I would like to go to the right to privacy.

Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska