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exam info

dr hab. Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska - 2 Czerwiec, 2020 - 22:25

Dear Students,

In accordance with the session schedule, the exam on the subject: International Protection of Human Rights will be held on 25 June at 9 o'clock using MS Forms application.

For those who have an earlier date for defending their MA thesis, I have therefore provided for an early exam (on the rights of the normal date, i.e. failing it, means using the first date and having to pass the correctional exam).

The date of the early examination: 5 May 2020, 17-18:30 in MS Forms application.

The examine consists of 3 descriptive questions. The order of answers is strictly defined. The answer is time-determined. You have 30 minutes of time for each question. When the exam is closed, you hand over the work to the examiner. The examiner checks and evaluates your work within 7 days by entering the grade in the USOS system.

I do not count the number of your arguments, although, of course, they should be given in a reasonable amount, i.e. at least 3. More important is the content of the argumentation, i.e.: suitability of the arguments to the question and answer, logic and consistency of the arguments, basing the arguments in legal regulations, case law and doctrine views.

Agata Wnukiewicz-Kozłowska