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MME (I)students/ master seminar 2023/2024

dr hab. Agnieszka Chrisidu-Budnik - 6 Listopad, 2023 - 15:59

Dear all.
I cordially invite you for master seminar. Term of registration is Thursday, 9th November, at 11:30 am (room 503 building A). You can also register via email ( The seminarian chooses the topic of thesis herself/himself. The topic is not imposed by supervisor. Below I show possible problematic of master thesis:
Human Resource Management (e.g. motivation, artifficial intelligence in recruitment and selection process) 
Strategic Management (e.g. innovations hub, competetive advantage, project management, asymmetric information, transaction costs) 
Public Management (e.g. smart city, climate change, energy transition E- governance, green public procurement).
Agnieszka Chrisidu-Budnik