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Recruitment for the EDELNet LL.M. Summer School of Public International Law 2022

dr Michał Stępień - 19 Styczeń, 2022 - 18:51

We are pleased to open the recruitment to the EDELNet LL.M. Summer School of Public International Law 2022 which is going to take place in Bonn (Germany) from 4 to 8 July. 2022. Party to the EDELNet Partnership with the FernUniversität Hagen (Germany), the Open Universiteit (the Netherlands), UNED (Spain), the Open University (UK), the University of Wrocław may nominate 4 students to participate in the Summer School.

The programme will commence in April and the Summer School will be preceded by preparatory on-line training in i.a. Public International Law, legal English, academic debate, intercultural communication and team work.

Applicants are supposed to:
- be students of 2nd, 3rd or higher year of legal studies at the University of Wrocław,
- use English at least B1 level, 
- and be able to discuss in that language key issues of Public International Law.

Recruitment will be carried out on 27th of January at 13.15 via MS Teams. All queries on the Summer School will be addressed by Dr. Michał Stępień (

Since the recruitment will be carried out on-line please join that team (team code is x5515ca) :

Group annoucement for candidates will be done via that team. Recruitment interviews wiill be conducted with members of the team.