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Student’s Service Office will be opened from 4.04.202

Adam Kaczyński - 28 Marzec, 2022 - 12:44

Student’s Service Office will be opened from
Monday, Tuesday 12:00-15:00
Wednesday 12:00-17:00
Thursday, Friday 9:00-12:00
Saturday 9:00-13:00

Due to the ongoing situation we are still trying to minimize direct contact. We advise students to contact the administrative services remotely - by e-mail or phone.

Additionally requests can be sent by post office to the address Uniwersytecka 22/26, 50 – 145 or submitted to the box located next to the entrance to the office. We’d like to remind that all the requests send remotely by e-mail will be considered as if they were submitted in person.

PDF icon BOS od 4.04.2022.pdf