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Erasmus+ recruitment 2024

dr hab. Bartłomiej Krzan prof. UWr - 12 luty, 2024 - 20:25

It is my pleasure to remind you and invite once again all interested students to apply for Erasmus+.

According to Dean’s Regulation’s 16/2023, let me inform you that application interviews (in person!) for Erasmus candidates are scheduled for Friday 23 February 2024, beginning at 9:00 in room 219, building A of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics. A plan of interviews will be provided by 21 February 2024.

All application documents should be submitted to the Students' Office (BOS) by 15 February 2024 in a white paper file containing:
1. average grade certificate for the entire period of studies issued by the Dean’s Office,
2. cover letter containing justification for mobility and indicating up to 5 universities in
ranking order along with semester in which the mobility shall take place,
3. provisional Learning Agreements for each of the indicated universities
4. a confirmation of command of (a) given foreign language(s) issued by the Foreign Language Centre
or the Centre for Teaching Law in Foreign Languages (students of regular programs in English do NOT have to confirm their command of English)
5. CV (in table format)
6. declaration on previous mobilities (mobility capital)
7. supervisor’s written permission
8. proofs of scientific/cultural achievements, activity in student scientific associations etc. (optional).

On an application paper file, please indicate your name, field and year of study and the state of your first choice university (e.g. Amanda Smith, BBA 2nd year, Germany).

A list of the partner Universities may be consulted here:

With kind regards,
Bartlomiej Krzan
Vice-Dean for Research and International Cooperation
Faculty Erasmus+ Coordinator