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Elections to the bodies of the Doctoral Students' Self-Government for the term of office 2022–2024

Adam Kaczyński - 10 Maj, 2022 - 13:05

Dear PhD Students,

As the representant of the Electoral Commission of the Doctoral Students’ Self-Government of the University of Wrocław, I would like to announce that voting in the elections to the PhD Students' Government for the 2022-2024 term will take place on May 23-25, 2022 via the USOS system.
According to the current electoral law, voting will only concern the board of the Faculty Doctoral Councils (WRD).
The remaining functions will be selected internally by the members of the newly created WRD (pursuant to par. 31–33 of the Regulations of the Doctoral Students' Self-Government of the University of Wrocław; [regulations]; [correction to the regulations]).

Any technical instructions on how to vote will be provided prior to the start of the elections, after the voting system will be ready.


In order to run for the election, you must declare your wish to stand before the voting period, otherwise you will not be able to join the WRD in the upcoming elections.
Please send your applications to the following e-mail address: and, using your account in the @ domain.
IMPORTANT: applications sent from external domains (@, @ etc.) will not be honored. Please titled the message "Elections_Faculty Name".
Message should include (apart from expressing the will to candidating):

1.     first name and last name,
2.     year of study,
3.     name of the field of doctoral studies or the college of the Doctoral School,
4.     presentation of the candidate's profile (up to 50 words).

Correct applications will be added to the electoral list, which will be available on the website of the Doctoral Student Government -


Daniel Kulik
Chairman of the Election Committee of the Doctoral Students' Self-Government of the University of Wroclaw