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The action "A sleeping bag for Lviv"

Adam Kaczyński - 8 Marzec, 2022 - 08:43

The Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław contributes to the university's aid for Ukraine! Every year WPAE helps children in Ukraine by organising a collection of books in Polish (a whole bus of Polish books is sent to Ukraine every year). This time, WPAE also helps to collect basic needs and organises the action "A sleeping bag for Lviv" - sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, bandages, medical supplies, disinfectants, water were collected. On Thursday, at 4 am, all these items will be transported from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics to the Polish-Ukrainian border, and from there they will be delivered to the Lung Hospital and the Military School in Lviv.

If you would like to bring something else to the WPAE collection, we are waiting in building D until noon on Wednesday - items can be left at the reception or in the cloakroom (Uniwersytecka 7-10). The action in our WPAE coordinated by prof. Maciej Marszał.

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